Kodex is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of Innovative chemical construction products to the Commercial and Residential Industries. Our expertise lies in delivering market leading products which provide uncompromising quality and durability, exceeding customer satisfaction in a dynamic construction environment. We provide reliable solutions which offer unmatched protective advantages that can be applied to both new construction and remedial buildings. Our success is driven by the development of unique products such as the Silicone Resin Emulsion Paints, which is the first of its kind in the industry. A completely breathable, self-cleaning anti peel or flake paint stands out distinctively over the rest of its counterparts. Our modern coating systems offer unparalleled advantages upon application to new and undamaged structures, or even during the course of renovating an older building or conducting repair work. Kodex products use specialized Silicone, Resin and Emulsion based raw materials sourced from the highest quality suppliers. This seperates our products in acquiring prominent & unique properties conducive to safeguarding our building’s internal and external structures for decades. Moreover, by virtue of our unique formulas, Kodex offers compelling advantages for all types of construction projects in the private, public and industrial sectors.

our Vision
To be recognized as world leader in innovative global construction products and solutions by delivering significant results, reliability and expertise.

our Mission
Our mission is to provide highly competent and accredited products globally with top class service and distribution and to be identified as a market leader by offering a customer centric approach. Whereby we strive to meet your expectations while focusing on three aspects; prompt delivery, competitive pricing and personalised services.

our Values
whether we save you time or money, our true confidence lies in providing you the following value proposition. The fundaments of our work policy are set on these values which inspire us for serving you in a yet better way and heading towards perfection, consistently.

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